Talking about accomplishments – Immigrating to Canada!

The online etymology dictionary defines accomplishment as:

performance of a task; state of completion,” from Old French acomplissement “completion, action of accomplishing,” from acomplir “to fulfill, carry out, complete”.

Funnily enough, the most meaningful accomplishment in my life so far can’t really be tagged as “complete”. I see it more as a big project, a life-long commitment I have been successful in, and which brings me a great sense of fulfilment. But the classical definition of a project talks about something that has a beginning and an end. So what on earth am I talking about here? 🙂

Well, let me explain.

Immigrating to Canada to me was not just like any other project. It certainly had a beginning and an end (arriving in Canada with my immigrating papers in hands) – but once that end came, I realized it was actually just the start. Call it phase 2.

I immigrated in 2008 after 18 long months of wait and a lot of resources, energy, patience, dedication, and hard work spent in the process. I love my home country, but life in Brazil can be hard, and although I was always a good student, work opportunities were far and scarce during the few years I tried to find a job. Even as I graduated with my Master’s title from one of the best programs in Cellular Biology in Brazil from UNICAMP in 2008, having been admitted in first place in the selection program in 2006, I couldn’t get a good job anywhere. For

There is a lot that has happened in the last eight years since we arrived here, many ups and downs, lots of work, three kids, and many memories. Living in a foreign country can be a difficult thing – you miss family, your childhood friends and places you used to go to, and that’s TOUGH. You also have to spend a lot of energy to adapt to a different culture, so it will always be a work in progress – but we still have the belief that this is the right place for us, and continue to invest our time and energy into raising our kids here, and trusting our future in God’s hands.

It has been something that I will forever cherish and tell stories to my grandchildren if God blesses me with some 🙂

What’s the biggest accomplishment in your life?



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