Ensaio sobre a vida

Pequenos detalhes: permita-se sorrir ao menos uma vez por dia; olhe para os lados, pense em outras coisas que não tenham nada a ver com sua rotina de trabalho; vá atrás de sua(seu) namorada(o), que neste momento, está a mais de 200 quilômetros de distância de você. Ter objetivos a perseguir é fundamental; de outra... Continue Reading →


Weight and worth

This is a beautiful analysis of a much-needed conversation topic in our society nowadays. Enjoy your reading!

Academic mum(bling)

Something has been bothering me since last week, so much that I had to come here and write about it. But first a background to this feeling is necessary.

Growing up in my hometown in Brazil, Saturdays meant that my sister and I would run errands with my mom every morning. On our way downtown, on foot, we would stop at a pharmacy to weigh ourselves. This routine started when I was young, maybe 9 or 10 years old, and continued into my teenage years. I was always — have always been — the heaviest of the three of us. I remember that if my mom weighed 100g more than the previous Saturday, she would skip meals during the week or go for really long walks to burn extra calories.


I have always loved food. I don’t remember ever skipping a meal for any reason whatsoever. After our errands in…

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Customer service in Cuba – a real short story

Approaching the lady booking dinner restaurants at the resort: "Hi, we would like to book the restaurants!" -silence- "Ahm... what restaurants are available?" "Cuban, Italian, Romantic, and Seafood." "Ahm... ok, thanks 🙂 Then... what is the menu for these restaurants so we can choose which ones?" "Here" (points at the menus at the table, none... Continue Reading →

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