Life as a Happiness Engineer and a parent

Happiness Everywhere

So you’ve heard about this new cool and amazing job called Happiness Engineer. Now you are wondering if it would be possible to reconcile being a parent of young children and working from home for this awesome company. Look no further 🙂

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The Ultimate Happiness Engineer Starter Pack

Made in Cosmos

So you just found out that Happiness Engineering is an actual job. You always thought customer support is all about scary call centers, but then you met some folks who do this and have fun. You might have heard some stories that sounded too good to be true, and then became jealous when they turned out to be quite true indeed.
Maybe you’d never heard of Automattic before, and only had a vague idea of what WordPress is, but the more you learned about what Happiness Engineers do, the more you realised this is the job you always dreamed of.
Does that sound anything like you? That’s great, you’re most probably a my kind of person. Here is the ultimate guide that will answer the questions you have on your mind, and help you get started as a Happiness Engineer.

How do I know this is the job…

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