About me

Davi Pontes - the world as I see it
Davi Pontes – the world as I see it

Born in Brazil, I immigrated to Canada in 2008, along with my wife Bruna, shortly after getting married in our home country, excited to see what God had in store for us in our new life together. We have three young boys (Nathan, Noah, and Nicholas), and one baby girl (Emma) who share my love for sports and music. Currently, the Forest City (London, Ontario, Canada) is what we like to call home.

I studied Biology and have an M.Sc. in Cellular Biology, and have developed a career leading Operations and IT in the Health Industry in London. My passions are helping people, working with technology, continuous process improvement, coaching teams, and leading projects in a team environment, but the biggest one is music. I’ve worked as a volunteer pretty much my whole life – teaching teenagers, coaching students to achieve their goal of being admitted to universities, and helping at church – today I serve by leading worship and working as a member of the board of directors in my local church.


I am always looking for new opportunities and constantly change my opinions about different topics, and for what’s worth, life – as experience hits me in the face day after day. Life has taken me down very interesting paths, which have led me to gain experience to work in many different areas in different industries. I have enjoyed learning and working with process improvement, project management, implementing new systems, medical research, leading worship in my local church, and teaching ESL. The biggest one and the most difficult, but also the most rewarding, being a husband and a father.

My work’s ethical approach is accompanied by a desire to constantly look for opportunities to run processes simpler, better, and more efficiently, coaching and developing talent every day.

Stuff I do

I love technology, and I am very quick to incorporate new gadgets and different apps and software and hardware to do things into my routine – in fact, I love doing that. As long as it makes things more efficient (at least in my head) and fun.

I am also a geek – yep, that’s right – I guess that’s a cool thing to say in the post-year-two-thousand era 🙂 I love video games, movies, sports… oh wow, I could go on forever on this one.

the “Why”

This website is an effort to collect all of these things – and whatever else I happen to be following, reading, listening to, at whatever point I am at in my life. Hopefully, I can share something interesting that affects you in a positive way.

Life’s so much about sharing – let me help you see the world as I see it!

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