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Discussing the “No Jackass” rule – The Ideal Team Player

As much as we would like to admit we are all great team players and can’t stand working with people who aren’t, most people (including me) would agree that it’s pretty hard to come up with a concrete explanation or idea of what a “good team player” is. So how do we know who is and who isn’t, and most importantly, how do you figure that out before you hire someone? This is where this book comes in.

The ideal team player by Patrick Lencioni  is a great narrative that speaks to this much needed discussion around being “a good team player.” It does a fantastic job reviewing what personality traits can really build up to a stellar team when it comes to working together. The story is addictive and I couldn’t let it go until I finished the first section of the book, which added up to about 150 pages. I don’t remember the last time I read this many pages in 72h – keep in mind I work full time and have three kids 🙂

If you have a passion for working with great teams, this is a must-read.

This is my recommendation for today,

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