Pumpkins, Halloween, and fun.

Halloween pumpkins have become a tradition in our Brazilian-Canadian home. Kids love them, and the whole preparation around collecting these at the pumpkin farm and then carving them has become a staple activity in our family. It’s pretty standard in the town we live in to see these around people’s homes at this time of the year, and we have incorporated that into our fusion traditions.

Here are the first ones we’ve done these year (which are now all rotten and destroyed):

The carving

This year we even experimented with some proper (Dollarama) tools – Nathan and Noah were really into it.

The porch decoration

We also typically place these on our porch to decorate the house – the whole street does that too, and it’s pretty cool to walk around and notice the different types, shapes, and sizes. Here are the ones we placed this year:

Bruna calls the pink one “the strogonoff one”. If you’re curious, look up “brazilian strogonoff” šŸ™‚

The picking

Last but not least, because I don’t like to show things in chronological order, here are some cool pictures of our family picking them:

Do you have a fun halloween pumpkin story/tradition to share?


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