A testimony of Faith

This was originally written in the Summer of 2010 when I decided to be baptized again, this time as an adult after I’d been attending an evangelical Christian church for some time.

It is by no means an effort to influence anyone’s actions in their personal walk of faith – I believe we each walk at our own pace. This is just a piece of my life I’d like to share with the world, explaining how I got to this decision.

Taking a step forward can be a hard thing to do, so I believe sharing is important to support others who may be in the same position, and are looking for encouragement. Maybe this helps you take that step forward; maybe you realize this is not the time for you. Whatever happens, I hope this helps.



I have been baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church and have always believed in Jesus – I guess I can say I am lucky for having parents that always cared about my spiritual growth and belief in Jesus as our savior. It took me some time to think about what it would mean for me to be baptized as an adult. So I thought: “Well, my life is certainly changed now”.

Since my wife and I arrived in Canada 2 years ago, we’ve been through all sorts of problems, let downs and frustrations… you name it. Being in this country and starting life again in a new culture in a different part of the world had always been my dream since I was a child, but in February 2009, my wife and I were ready to go back to Brazil, which would have been one of if not THE biggest disappointment in my life.

We were getting ready to move to our first “home” since we got married, so we found an apartment at 760 Wonderland Rd S, moved in, and got the feeling we needed to find a church that would feel like home for us, where maybe we could find friends and maybe consider staying in Canada some more time. Village Green Church was our next-door neighbour, and it didn’t take us long to try this one.

As soon as I stepped in with Bruna the first time here, a feeling of being welcomed filled my heart, and everything that happened after that was amazing. I fell in love with the worship practiced here, and we found friends – or should I say, they found us – and they were wonderful friends.

I play guitar with the worship team and absolutely love being part of this group. We are part of Life Groups, attend the Marriage Course, and now I play soccer with some friends here – I just feel like I wanna do more and more with this community. For many years of my life I saw going to church on Sundays as an obligation, now I actually look forward to being here on Sundays. This is part of my life.

This has shaped our life here and has made us decide to stay. My dream is still on, our problems from the past are slowly staying in the past, and my life has never been better. I feel like I take faith seriously and want to be a different person now, and follow Jesus’ steps not only at church, but at home, at work, and everywhere I have the opportunity to do so.

God has worked His ways through this church and this community in my life so I would like to be baptized as a mark of a memorial stone that this has happened to me.

Davi Pontes, 2010

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  1. It is always truly hard when we are moving to a new place, and it is really great when we have something that help us out. Great testimony. 🙂


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