Getting text from images, using Google Docs!

Hi there 🙂

Here is a super handy tip I am here to share with you today: getting text from images, using Google Docs!

We’ve all been there. Someone sent you a message saying “Here is the info I need, can you help me with it?”. They send you file via Whatsapp, Messenger, or text message, you open it feeling awesome for being able to help someone. You look at the file – it’s an image. You instantly think “How am I supposed to extract the text from this?” You give up, realizing Apple and Windows haven’t made this task super accessible yet in their operating systems, and revert to reading and transcribing the text in the image as text using your favorite text editor.

But wait! There’s hope!

This week I learned through a colleague at Automattic (where I learn every day the most amazing things I never knew about in the tech world) a way to do this in a couple of steps only. It’s painless. It’s awesome.

Follow the 2 steps below, and be amazed:

  1. Upload the image to Google Drive (you’ll want to have a Google account for this – if you already use Gmail, guess what? You already have Google Drive!)
  2. Select the uploaded image, and click on Open with > Google Docs.
  3. Oh wait, there’s no step 3. We are done 🙂

That’s it! Here is a quick video to show you this awesome tip:



I hope this helps you save some time 🙂

Have any comments? Leave a reply below!



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