Customer service in Cuba – a real short story

Approaching the lady booking dinner restaurants at the resort:

“Hi, we would like to book the restaurants!”


“Ahm… what restaurants are available?”

“Cuban, Italian, Romantic, and Seafood.”

“Ahm… ok, thanks 🙂 Then… what is the menu for these restaurants so we can choose which ones?”

“Here” (points at the menus at the table, none of which have titles on them)

“Ahm… ok, so… which one is which? (As I pick one up and try to figure it out myself)

(Lady picks them up from my hand, and explains which is which)

(I quickly glance over and get interrupted)

“Which one do you want?”

(I quickly pick a couple with my wife without having time to really look at the menus)

I then ask “what times do you have available?”

She explains the times, and as I pick certain times, she says they are not available.

She then says “You have kids so you want early.” (And follows by explaining what restaurants she has at 6:30pm)

We pick a couple, thank her, and leave.

(She never smiled the whole time)


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