Team Work! Not email work :)

Over the recent years, I have been deeply involved with “preaching” to staff about the benefits and the need to move away from email in everything that relates to team collaboration in getting things done, project management, and internal company communication. The change is never easy, and as with every change management journey it takes time, and constant brainstorming to try and show the benefits of such change, in creative ways.

Nevertheless, it’s always been a positive experience in my career to, whenever possible, move away from email. If you’ve ever felt the “itching” to spend less time dealing with processing your email inbox, I would recommend looking at some alternatives – it will pay off! Just need to work hard on converting your team and have them see the benefits, pre and post implementation. Here is an alternative I have implemented recently, and still use today – Asana. The video below will say more than I could even if I tried with words here.



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