Book review – Delivering Happiness :)

I’ve lately been reading “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, and it’s a great book. It’s so comforting to read since it embodies everything I believe about customer service and how it can positively impact employee retention and business success - it’s all about differentiating your product/service, and how we “touch” customers really makes the difference... Continue Reading →

Talking about accomplishments – Immigrating to Canada!

The online etymology dictionary defines accomplishment as: "performance of a task; state of completion," from Old French acomplissement "completion, action of accomplishing," from acomplir "to fulfill, carry out, complete". Funnily enough, the most meaningful accomplishment in my life so far can't really be tagged as "complete". I see it more as a big project, a life-long commitment I have... Continue Reading →

Team Work! Not email work :)

Over the recent years, I have been deeply involved with "preaching" to staff about the benefits and the need to move away from email in everything that relates to team collaboration in getting things done, project management, and internal company communication. The change is never easy, and as with every change management journey it takes... Continue Reading →

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