The surprises life throws our way…

A beautiful post by my wife, about the new life coming our way next year 🙂

Little Village on Lenore

After months and months of thinking and analyzing, this fall I made the decision to go back to the PhD I left in 2015. I resumed my studies in September, feeling good about my children and how they would deal with this change. Nathan is 7, Noah is turning 5, and Nicholas turned 1 in October. My two oldest are in a different, much better place than when I left school two years ago. They have gotten used to their school routine, their teachers and their friends, and Nicholas goes to daycare two a half days a week, so he’s not away from me the whole time. These factors made me feel that it would be ok for me to give school a second try. This time I went back with a different mentality about what it means to be a graduate student with a young family. I wrote down…

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